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Several years ago, Modiano & Partners embarked on a program of innovation of its information and management flows. We invested heavily in infrastructure and in highly specialist staff, setting up IT and in-house software development departments that not only computerized our work, but also streamlined our procedures and shortened our docket work times.

In addition, our advanced-technology, fully computerized system has enabled us, during the total lockdown for COVID-19, to rapidly change over to remote working for over 300 people throughout Europe. It has enabled us to always be there, and be 100% available and contactable for all our clients.

Today, in our drive to continually improve our processes, and in particular with a view to sustainability, we are delighted to announce that Modiano & Partners has moved to a totally paperless environment.

We are certain that our clients, suppliers and partners will support us in this process of sustainability, by sending us paper documents by post or courier only when legally necessary to do so.

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2020年9月, 欧洲专利局 (EPO) 的一个上诉委员会 (BoA) 在其作出的一份决定中认为, 欧洲专利局异议部门 (OD) 的某些行为侵犯了当事人的申诉权利, 并决定对该侵权行为进行补救.相关事实如下: 在异议程序中, 专利所有人在听证会结束之前, 已经在异议部门设定的截止日期前提出了一些辅助索赔请求.专利所有人起草这些辅助索赔请求, 是为了回应异议部门所传达给当事人的初步意见, 这些意见随参加听证会的传票一同送达当事各方. 在听证会期间, 异议部门改变了其在召集各听证当事方时的立场.但是, 当专利所有人试图在听证会期间提出四项新的索赔要求, 以回应异议部门的立场改变时, 异议部门利用其自由裁量权拒绝接受一项以上的索赔要求.也就是说, […]

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