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Modiano & Partners is one of the leading European firms specializing exclusively in intellectual property law, with a staff of over 250 persons and main offices in Munich (Germany), Milan (Italy), and Lugano (Switzerland).

Our firm offers highly specialist assistance on all facets of intellectual property law, with over 50 patent attorneys (including qualified mechanical, electrical, software and chemical engineers, and qualified geneticists, chemists and biologists), over 50 trademark attorneys and 10 lawyers and barristers, and in particular in the following fields:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Litigation
  • Licensing
  • Designs
  • Internet
  • Unfair competition


January 21, 2015

在2014 年出台的两个重要决定中, 欧洲专利局的上诉委员会对“ 重复专利申请” 问题作出了 裁定. 在这两个案例中, 申请人都提交了欧洲专利申请以及基于原申请的分案申请.原申请中“瑞士型权利要求”获得授权, 其权利要求具体为“使用活性成分X制备用于治疗疾病Y的药物”.在2007年欧洲专利公约2000版(E P C2000)生效前, 此类将已知活性成分用作新用途的权利要求是可以使用的.但是, 其分案申请却因使用“以方法界定产品”的权利要求引发上诉.分案申请的权利要求为“用于治疗疾病Y的活性成分X”, E P C2000改革后允许使用此类权利要求. 考虑到母申请和分案申请中的活性成分X和疾病Y均相同, 欧专局上诉委员会的两个决定所针对的问题在于上述情况中是否存在“重复申请”情形. 在这两个案例中, 欧专局审查部门均驳回了分案申请, […]

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