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Modiano & Partners is one of the leading European firms specializing exclusively in intellectual property law, with a staff of over 250 persons and main offices in Munich (Germany), Milan (Italy), and Lugano (Switzerland).

Our firm offers highly specialist assistance on all facets of intellectual property law, with over 50 patent attorneys (including qualified mechanical, electrical, software and chemical engineers, and qualified geneticists, chemists and biologists), over 50 trademark attorneys and 10 lawyers and barristers, and in particular in the following fields:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Litigation
  • Licensing
  • Designs
  • Internet
  • Unfair competition


August 28, 2014

为加快重要的欧洲专利的审查进度, 欧洲专利局 (E P O) 决定优先审查特定阶段和特定类型的欧洲专利申请. 通过该举措, 欧洲专利局将会解决最近对许多欧洲专利申请造成影响的严重积压和延误问题. 值得一提的是, 欧洲专利局于2014年7月3日宣布已推出一项新计划, 旨在提高未决专利申请的法律确定性. 通过这项名为“检索中的早期确定性”计划, 欧洲专利局将及时发布申请提交后六个月内的所有检索报告和有关可专利性的书面意见. 欧洲专利局也将争取优先完成正在进行的专利审查工作, 而不是优先审查新提交的专利申请. 同时, 一旦形成确定的审查意见, 欧洲专利局将尽快授予专利. 此外, 欧洲专利局将尽量优先处理那些由第三方实名提出意见的专利申请. […]

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