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Modiano & Partners is one of the leading European firms specializing exclusively in intellectual property law, with a staff of over 250 persons and main offices in Munich (Germany), Milan (Italy), and Lugano (Switzerland).

We strive to offer the best possible service to all our clients and associates, and pride ourselves on our reputation of high quality, thoroughness, and long-standing expertise.

Our constant drive toward specialization has led us to expand our staff with intellectual property attorneys who are natives of, and qualified in, many different countries (in Europe, USA and Asia), creating an international team with several languages and experience of different legal traditions.

Our American patent attorneys were educated in the most prestigious US universities. Our German patent attorneys and lawyers have made valuable contributions to the firm and to the quality of service we give our clients. Our Italian attorneys have handled patent and trademark litigation, successfully defending industries and designers that are leading names in their fields. Our Swiss experts help us maintain a complete European overview of problems.

Drawing on the unique synergy of our European IP specialists, with their different legal traditions and their varied national experience, at Modiano & Partners we can offer our clients an in-depth and complete European counselling service.

  • Modiano & Partners was established in 1950, and from the start we have specialized in the international aspects of intellectual property law.

    Our founder, Dr. Guido Modiano, lived and studied in several European countries and in the US. His technical background and his vast knowledge of the legal aspects of the Italian, German and US legal systems enabled him to successfully focus on both international and European IP matters.

    More than anything else, it is the systematic passing on of this knowledge to all of Modiano’s attorneys that has been the determining factor in our growth.

  • For each case we choose the attorney (or attorney team) with the highest specialization in the area, the fastest turnaround and best effectiveness, as well as previous successful experience in similar cases. This policy usually translates to significant time and cost savings, to the client’s benefit.

    We are well aware of the our foreign associates’ and clients’ budget requirements, and this is why we always do our very best to meet such requirements and ensure that the associates and clients are notified immediately of any changes of circumstances which could influence the cost estimates indicated previously.

    All our departments have online subscriptions for consultation of the foremost databases on laws, case-law repertories, patents, trademarks etc., allowing extremely speedy search procedures. Our in-house libraries contain the most important intellectual property laws (European, US, Japanese, South Korean, Chinese etc.), as well as national and international treaties, reviews, journals and magazines.

December 2, 2020
To plant or not to plant? The European Patent Office answers.

In a decision published in October 2020, the Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBoA) of the European Patent Office (EPO), i.e. […]

November 18, 2020
The Doctrine of Equivalents: Examination of the Law in Italy.

Background Italy has a population of about 60 million and, as one of the most industrialized countries in the European […]


2020年9月, 欧洲专利局 (EPO) 的一个上诉委员会 (BoA) 在其作出的一份决定中认为, 欧洲专利局异议部门 (OD) 的某些行为侵犯了当事人的申诉权利, 并决定对该侵权行为进行补救.相关事实如下: 在异议程序中, 专利所有人在听证会结束之前, 已经在异议部门设定的截止日期前提出了一些辅助索赔请求.专利所有人起草这些辅助索赔请求, 是为了回应异议部门所传达给当事人的初步意见, 这些意见随参加听证会的传票一同送达当事各方. 在听证会期间, 异议部门改变了其在召集各听证当事方时的立场.但是, 当专利所有人试图在听证会期间提出四项新的索赔要求, 以回应异议部门的立场改变时, 异议部门利用其自由裁量权拒绝接受一项以上的索赔要求.也就是说, […]

October 21, 2020
The European Patent Office listens to users when it comes to the right to be heard.

In a decision of September 2020, a Board of Appeal (BoA) of the European Patent Office (EPO) found that the […]

欧洲专利局的双重专利注册 一 个悬而未决的问题?

2020年9月, 在欧洲专利局 (EPO) 官方公报上发布的一项决议中, EPO的上诉委员会 (BoA) 将一系列问题提交给扩大上诉委员会 (EPO最高诉讼) , 这些问题又指向另一个问题: EPO是否可以单独基于“某项欧洲专利申请包含与已获批准的欧洲专利雷同的权利要求”而拒绝该申请? 这个问题源于: 《欧洲专利公约》 (EPC) 没有明令禁止双重专利申请; EPC不会从早期的欧洲专利申请中排除已向其它国家作过优先权声明的申请, 但这里未明确指出两项申请的权利要求是否必须不同; 最重要的是, 对于分案申请, EPC只要求分案申请是在母申请获得批准前提出的, […]

September 22, 2020
Double patenting at the European Patent Office: an open question?

In a decision published in the official journal of the European Patent Office (EPO) in September 2020, a Board of […]


2020年1月, 欧洲专利局 (EPO) 上诉委员会 (BoA) 提出了新的程序规则. 这些规则的目的是确保在欧洲专利局重新启动初审或异议程序时, 当事方不使用上诉委员会的上诉程序. 实际上, 上诉委员会的上诉程序是对一审裁决 (即欧洲专利局审查部门或异议部门做出的裁决) 正确性的司法审查, 而它对于各当事方来说, 并不是一个重新讨论在前述及其他部门已被提交的所有内容的合适时机. 对上诉委员会的上诉程序进行司法审查, 已被纳入在2020年1月之前生效的程序规则中, 新的程序规则只不过使这一点更加明确. 最近, 一项上诉委员会的最新决议十分引人注意. 这项决议虽然是依据2020年1月之前生效的程序规则作出的, […]

August 24, 2020

德国宪法法院在2020年3月发布的决定中裁定, 德国批准统一专利法院(UPC)的协议违反了德国宪法, 因为该批准没有得到德国基本法要求的议会多数通过. 尽管如此, 这并不意味着当前无法通过集中审批程序来质疑欧洲专利的有效性. 实际上, 自欧洲专利制度成立以来, 该制度就允许任何第三方向欧洲专利局(EPO)提出反对授予欧洲专利的异议. 在异议程序中, 由三名在异议程序方面具有丰富经验的EPO审查员组成的小组, 会对有异议的欧洲专利的有效性进行审查. 在异议程序中, 可以主要基于以下理由质疑欧洲专利的有效性: ·所申请的欧洲专利属于《欧洲专利公约》规定的不得授予专利的少数类别; ·所申请的欧洲专利相比现有技术不具有新颖性或创新性; ·所申请的欧洲专利在行业中不适用; ·所申请的欧洲专利发明的技术知识并未以足够清晰完整的方式在申请中予以披露, 无法使具备本领域一般知识的人能够使用或复制该发明; ·所申请的欧洲专利超出了提出的申请范围. 在异议程序中, […]

Is it too late? Inventive step attacks in appeals before the European Patent Office.

In January 2020 the Boards of Appeal (BoAs) of the European Patent Office (EPO) introduced new rules of procedure. These […]

July 22, 2020
While the Unified Patent Court was sleeping: how to invalidate a European patent centrally.

In a decision published in March 2020, the German constitutional court has decided that the German ratification of the agreement […]

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