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Modiano & Partners is one of the leading European firms specializing exclusively in intellectual property law, with a staff of over 250 persons and main offices in Munich (Germany), Milan (Italy), and Lugano (Switzerland).

We strive to offer the best possible service to all our clients and associates, and pride ourselves on our reputation of high quality, thoroughness, and long-standing expertise.

Our constant drive toward specialization has led us to expand our staff with intellectual property attorneys who are natives of, and qualified in, many different countries (in Europe, USA and Asia), creating an international team with several languages and experience of different legal traditions.

Our American patent attorneys were educated in the most prestigious US universities. Our German patent attorneys and lawyers have made valuable contributions to the firm and to the quality of service we give our clients. Our Italian attorneys have handled patent and trademark litigation, successfully defending industries and designers that are leading names in their fields. Our Swiss experts help us maintain a complete European overview of problems.

Drawing on the unique synergy of our European IP specialists, with their different legal traditions and their varied national experience, at Modiano & Partners we can offer our clients an in-depth and complete European counselling service.

  • Modiano & Partners was established in 1950, and from the start we have specialized in the international aspects of intellectual property law.

    Our founder, Dr. Guido Modiano, lived and studied in several European countries and in the US. His technical background and his vast knowledge of the legal aspects of the Italian, German and US legal systems enabled him to successfully focus on both international and European IP matters.

    More than anything else, it is the systematic passing on of this knowledge to all of Modiano’s attorneys that has been the determining factor in our growth.

  • Each case is handled by the attorney who can undertake the assignment with the highest qualified area of specialization, rapidity and effectiveness, and on the basis of previous successful experience in similar cases. This policy usually translates into noticeable savings of time and hence also costs, to the client’s benefit.

    We ensure frequent and periodic exchanges between attorneys who are handling different cases for the same client, so as continuously update the client’s portfolio. This means our attorneys are always informed of parallel cases, which ensures an overview of the general context of each case and full knowledge of all the information concerning a case or a client.

    We are aware of the budget requirements of our foreign associates and clients, and this is why we always make sure that they are notified immediately about any and all changes of circumstances which could influence the cost estimates indicated previously.

    All our departments have online subscriptions for consultation of the foremost databases on laws, case-law repertories, patents, trademarks etc., allowing extremely speedy search procedures. Our in-house libraries contain the most important intellectual property laws (European, US, Japanese, South Korean, Chinese etc.), as well as national and international treaties, reviews, journals and magazines.

May 10, 2017
New early certainty for EP and PCT applicants in case of lack of unity.

Up until March 2017, when the EPO – acting as “itself” for direct European applications and for European applications resulting […]

April 12, 2017
The impact of the new EUIPO rules a year on from their introduction.

A year has passed since the coming into force of the Amending Regulation of the Community Trademark Regulation, and we […]


欧洲专利局 (EPO) 上诉委员会 (BoA) 最近作出一项决定, 欧洲专利局与任何一方 (例如提出异议方或专利持有人) 之间有关某一特定双方当事人案件的任何沟通必须通知各方, 并且记录在该案件文件的公开部分. 这一决定是在针对欧洲专利局异议局维持某一项专利的授权决定提起的上诉程序中作出的. 在一审异议程序期间, 异议方与欧洲专利局, 包括欧洲专利局的质量支持部门 (DQS, 该部门旨在处理欧洲专利局系统用户的投诉), 进行了各种电子邮件、信件和电话沟通. 欧洲专利局迄今为止的做法是, 与质量支持部门进行的任何沟通都属机密, 不向公众公开. 然而, […]

March 14, 2017
Written and oral exchanges with a party must be public, says the EPO.

A very recent decision of the EPO Boards of Appeal (BoA) held that any exchanges between the EPO and a […]


欧洲专利局(EPO)扩大上诉委员会 (EBA, 欧洲专利局最高审判机构) 现已提交一份具有里程碑意义的重要决议, 决议中承认: 即使在随后欧洲申请中, 在先申请仅公开部分主题, 在先申请也可要求优先权. 这项决议之前, 欧洲专利局上诉委员会 (BoA) 的判例法出现了互相冲突的趋势. 事实上, 欧洲专利局上诉委员会部分决议已经承认, 若优先权申请仅公开在后欧洲专利申请要求的部分主题 (例如, 在先申请仅公开实施例 A, 而欧洲专利申请权利要求主张实施例A与实施例B可相互替换), 就在先申请已公开的相关主题, […]

February 13, 2017
Partial priority clarified by milestone EPO decision.

The EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBA), i.e. the EPO’s body of highest instance, has now rendered a milestone decision […]


对于指定或选定欧洲专利局 (EPO) 作为认证机构, 进入区域阶段的欧洲专利合作条约 (Euro-PCT) 申请, 并且要求优先权的情况下, 申请人必须向EPO提供先前申请的认证副本 (优先权文件). 如果在进入欧洲阶段后未提交优先权文件, 申请人则会被要求在通知之日起两个月内提交该文件. 这个时间限制不能延长. 如果优先权文件没有在该时限内提交, 则优先权丧失. 然而, 当能以其他方式得到优先权文件时, EPO不会发送要求该文件的请求. 对于PCT申请, 在这两种情况下EPO不会发送请求: 第一种情况是当优先权文件将会传送给EPO时. […]

January 11, 2017
Priority document requirements for EP regional phase entry.

For a Euro-PCT application entering the regional phase at the EPO as a designated or elected Office and where the […]

December 14, 2016

在2016年9月末, 欧洲专利局主席Battistelli先生和中华人民共和国国家知识产权局专员, 在于法国举行的中国国家知识产权局和欧洲专利局领导人年会上碰面. 得益于目前双方之间现有的双边合作计划, 来自欧洲专利局和中国国家知识产权局的代表每年都会会面, 其目的在于讨论联合战略目标以及审查所取得的结果. 此年度会议及所谓的“五大知识产权”合作始于30年前, 内容涉及如五大专利局的合作方案, 即论坛汇集了世界上五个最大的知识产权局 (欧洲专利局、中国国家知识产权局、日本专利局、韩国知识产权局和美国专利商标局) , 此五大局的业务量约占全球范围所有专利申请的80%. 在会议中, Battistelli先生汇报了欧洲专利局在减少欧洲专利申请待批时间方面所取得的进步, 并强调了得益于与中国国家知识产权局双边合作, 欧洲专利局在2016年所取得的重要成果. 这些成果包括但不限于合作专利分类的快速采用 (即大家熟知的CPC联合专利分类) . 在此框架下, […]

EPO disclaimer practice again under scrutiny.

The EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBA), i.e. the EPO’s body of highest instance, now has to decide again on […]

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