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In the early 1990s, Modiano & Partners was one of the first European IP firms to recognize the critical importance of an effective strategy of online brand protection. For this reason our attorneys have been heavily involved in the last 25 years in disputes concerning cases of piracy or cyber-squatting of domain names throughout Europe.

In all these years, we have been successful in obtaining the forced reassignment of illegally registered domain names to many of our clients. Some of Modiano’s attorneys also serve on the Italian Arbitration Board that is responsible for administrative procedures dealt with under the Italian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

Many other cases have been resolved in Court, where frequently preliminary injunctions are sufficient to achieve our clients’ goals.


January 19, 2022

针对一项欧洲专利申请, 在审查阶段结束时, 欧洲专利局 (EPO) 若确定了一系列允许的权利要求, 需要申请人将原始提交的说明书按该允许的权利要求书进行适应性修改. 当权利要求书在审查过程中已被修改时, 尤其需要这么做. 在这种背景下, EPO不仅要求申请人删除与“发明精神”或发明“对应词”相关的主要陈述 (EPO认为这些陈述含糊不清) , 还要求申请人删除或改写符合原始提交的权利要求书, 但不符合允许的权利要求书的任何段落, 因为允许的权利要求的范围比原始权利要求的范围窄. 这一要求可能会给申请人带来负担, 主要有以下几个原因: 一个原因是, 审查和修改说明书意味着在授予专利之前需要一个额外步骤, 从而导致授予阶段可能推迟, […]

Grant of European patents: is adapting the description to the claims really necessary?

When the European Patent Office (EPO) identifies an allowable set of claims in a European patent application at the end […]

November 11, 2021
Evidence created after the filing date and inventive step: here are the questions referred to the EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal.

The European Patent Office (EPO) is a first-to-file system. Often times, this means that applicants have to file their European […]

October 20, 2021
The tricky business of public prior use at the European Patent Office.

According to the European Patent Convention, the state of the art for a European patent application or a European patent […]

September 15, 2021

关于同一申请人就同一发明获得两项欧洲专利的可能性, 《欧洲专利公约》 (EPC) 未作出任何具体的规定. 因此, 欧洲专利局 (EPO) 的上诉委员会 (BoA) 曾就专利重复授权问题发布过各种决定. 这些决定体现了在这个问题上不同的、有时甚至相互冲突的立场. 这场长久以来存在的辩论, 现在以欧洲专利局扩大上诉委员会 (EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal) 的一个决定告终. 扩大上诉委员会是欧洲专利局的最高裁决机构. […]

Can evidence created after the filing date be used to show inventive step? The European Patent Office addresses this question.

One of the European patent system’s keystones is the contents of European patent applications at the time of filing. This […]

July 28, 2021

当前, 全世界正在进行关于放弃C O V I D -19疫苗专权的讨论, 以加快疫苗供应, 尤其是针对那些受C O V I D -19病毒影响特别严重的国家. 欧洲议会 (European Parliament) 经过广泛讨论, 于2021年6月10日公布了一项决议. 在该决议中, […]

July 21, 2021
Double patenting: the European Patent Office issues a landmark decision.

The European Patent Convention (EPC) does not contain any specific provisions regarding the possibility for the same applicant to obtain […]

June 17, 2021
European Parliament issues resolution on waiver of patents on COVID-19 vaccines.

In the currently ongoing discussions about waiving patent rights for authorized COVID-19 vaccines in order to accelerate vaccine availability, particularly […]

May 19, 2021

欧洲专利局 (EPO) 的目标之一是支持整个欧洲的创新、竞争力和经济增长. 在COVID-19大流行期间, 这一目标变得比以往任何时候都更有意义. 欧洲专利局通过改进服务和增加程序期限的灵活性, 迅速对新的现状做出了反应. 欧洲专利局还制定了一系列其他措施, 以确保其业务的连续性以及对科学研究的支持;此外, 欧洲专利局还建立了最先进的专利信息和技术知识数据库, 以抗击病毒或治疗由其引起的其它疾病, 从而帮助世界各地的研究人员掌握最新发明. 某种程度上, 由于这些措施的帮助, 尽管发生了COVID-19大流行, 2020年, 向欧洲专利局提交的专利申请数量 (180250项) 和被授权的专利数量 (133715项) […]

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