This autumn several new agreements have been signed with the Executive Direction of the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) aimed at combating the phenomenon of counterfeit in Italy.

A first agreement was signed with the Italian State Polygraphic Institute. It provides for the definition of avant-garde technological solutions aimed at preventing and combating the counterfeit market (e.g. security labels for goods; tracing and safety systems for pharmaceutical products, etc.). These solutions are aimed at verifying in a clear ans systematic manner the originality of products, and at providing increased protection to the entrepreneur with respect to liability issues related to the compliance with the national regulations protecting Industrial Property.

The second agreement is aimed, instead, at implementing a convention between the Executive Direction of the Italian PTO and the different Consumer Associations operating in Italy. The purpose of this convention is that of increasing awareness of the consumers in matters of infringement and counterfeit, as well as organizing specific events, also within specialized trade fairs. The aim, therefore, is that of increasing the awareness of the public on the risks associated with the purchase of counterfeit goods, encouraging a more careful approach and increasing the purchase of original products.

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