In 2015, MODIANO & PARTNERS will celebrate 65 years in business. We are therefore delighted that this major anniversary is heralded with a landmark recognition from the prestigious TOP LEGAL magazine, which has ranked us among the top Italian law firms for excellence.

TOP LEGAL, the most important monthly magazine covering legal affairs in Italy, which has conducted quality-based surveys of the Italian legal services market since 2006, has named MODIANO & PARTNERS as the leading TRADEMARK AND PATENT FIRM in the Intellectual Property & Life Sciences sector for 2014. And that’s not all: according to the survey, the MODIANO firm is placed in “Band 1” in the rankings, dubbed “A leading company in the market, with a well-known and consolidated reputation”. This band reflects the highest numbers of reports from people in key positions in the market sector, but what is especially noteworthy is that the reports come from our clients and even from our competitors and counterparts, and is without doubt an indicator of a well-known and consolidated reputation. Also in “Band 1”, MODIANO & PARTNERS is recognized by the top names in defense and in patent litigation, and we have been chosen by a great many business and by clients in the pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

Considering that the goal of TOP LEGAL is to identify and exalt excellence on the professional scene in Italy and to promote its transparency, merit and growth, we can only be proud.

We are delighted to announce this news, and it only remains for us to thank all our clients and our foreign associates who have shown total confidence in us over our long history.

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