Some good news just in from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, which is set to boost the fight against counterfeiting. This is an area that is seeing increasing levels of awareness in Italy’s governing institutions.

The decree of 5 February last appointed the new members of the CNAC (National Anti-Counterfeiting Council), which includes representatives of law enforcement, producers, consumer groups and no fewer than 11 Ministers.

This shows that the CNAC can be an effective tool, in that it is a single body combining all the forces that combat the serious problem of counterfeiting every day.

In detail, the duties of the CNAC are based on the NATIONAL ANTI-COUNTERFEITING PLAN that was agreed at the Italian Convention on the Fight against Counterfeiting.

The strategic aims of the CNAC’s work in the future will predominantly be:
– Protection of Italian-made goods;
– Enforcement (i.e. the control and policing of violations and the strengthening of legal and territorial measures).

These activities will be intensified in the run-up to two major events: Italy’s upcoming Presidency of the EU, and the 2015 Expo in Milan. These events will consolidate the authority of the Italian National Anti-Counterfeiting Council’s planning ability, which is considered a best practice in Europe.

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