A new law regulating the marketing of textile, leather and footwear goods – known as the Reguzzoni-Versace Law – was published in the Official Gazette on April 21 2010 and will enter into force on October 1 2010. This new provision creates a system of obligatory labelling for goods in the textile, leather and footwear sectors.
The regulation requires that the label“Made in Italy” will have to be used for all such goods for which the manufacturing phase takes place “prevalently” in Italy and in particular if at least two main manufacturing phases are performed in Italy, while the location of the remaining manufacturing phases must in any event be verifiable.
The “Made in Italy” label must furthermore contain indications on the application of the laws on labour (in particular with respect to child labour), of European laws, and of the rules on hygiene and product safety.
The goods that cannot be marked as“Made in Italy” must be labelled with the indication of the country of origin.
The period of time between the publication (April 2010) and the entry into force (October 2010) of the new law should on the one hand allow enough time for companies to adapt to the new rules, and on the other hand allow the European authorities to review the law.
If there is a violation, in addition to seizure and confiscation of the goods the new rules also provide for pecuniary administrative sanctions, which go from €10,000 to €50,000. In more serious cases the sanctions can be increased by up to two-thirds. If the violation is repeated, the suspension of the activity of the company of up to one year is provided. In addition, in the event of reiteration, imprisonment from one to three years is provided, which can increase to three to seven years if the violation is committed through a criminal organisation.
The implementing rules will have to be issued within four mounths from the date on which the law enters into force and will define the exact manner in which the “Made in Italy” label will have to be used as well as the control procedures which will be implemented in order to verify the correct use of the label on the market.

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