In an effort to increase quality of its services, OHIM has created a monitoring process to monitor the quality of its services. In October 2011, a trial period of three months started, aiming at monitoring and improving the quality in trademark opposition proceedings, promoting the examiners’ awareness of quality, detecting the needs for training and for changes in the Manual or the Office practice.

A list of quality criteria has been established, ranging from whether the reason for suspension of an opposition proceedings was acceptable according to the practice of the Office to the timeliness of performance.

After the three month trial period, a review has now been performed, which has revealed problematic areas where further training and/or information/instructions are needed as well as discrepancies between Office Practice and the Manual on Procedural Matters. The Office has promised a 95% rate of compliance with the Quality Check Criteria. At the beginning of the trial period, the error rate was about 17% and a considerable drop could be seen until December 2011 when the error rate went down to 12%.

The next Quality Check in Proceedings which will be set up is the Quality Check for Cancellation Proceedings, possibly during 2012.

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