As part of its ongoing process of computerizing the procedures for filing intellectual property titles and simplifying relations between end users and public administration, the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (IPTO) is shortly to introduce telematic filing of the Italian validation of granted European patents. All that remains to be done is for InfoCamere โ€“ the company that manages the telematic system that connects Italy’s Chambers of Commerce โ€“ to release the necessary software.

This means that, in addition to applications for invention patents, utility models and ornamental models, and applications for Italian trademarks, all of which can be filed online for the past few years, the national phase of a European patent can now be conducted telematically as well.

The clearest advantages for users and operators in the sector will be twofold. First is the convenience, when filing documentation, of not being restricted by the opening hours of the receiving offices. For hardcopy submissions, these opening hours require the documentation to be filed by noon on weekdays. But with the telematic procedure, the validation request with enclosed translation can be filed at any time of day, a particularly useful feature for urgent requests. The second advantage will hopefully be online access to validation requests filed by third parties. Currently, in order to obtain a copy of the Italian translation of a European patent filed by a third party it is necessary to contact the IPTO in Rome directly, because as yet there is no online databank of validations. Telematic filing opens the way to creating such a databank, which will be in line with existing facilities for Italian patent applications and for other intellectual property titles that can be filed online.

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