The CertiCloud service uses blockchain technology to protect and promote our clients' intangible assets.

With CertiCloud, not only can you demonstrate the existence of an IP right or of a document with a certain date (a de facto trademark, proof of use of a trademark; copyright-protected material, packaging, photographs or catalogs; designs or models; know-how and trade secrets), creating new value for the company and for professionals working in innovation (designers, artists, inventors, IP attorneys), but also you can protect an IP right from potential illicit acts, if infringement, plagiarism or instances of unfair competition are discovered on the web, by acquiring proof of the illicit activity.

How does it work? By applying time stamps, the service uniquely and unambiguously attests that a certain set of data (PDF and Word documents, JPEGs, files, webpages etc.) exists in a certain way and at a certain time, and represents it with a unique digital fingerprint. 

The service is fully compatible with and complementary to ordinary channels of protection, at national and international level.

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