We number over 300 persons, including specialists in a great many different areas, and we fulfil dozens of different roles in legal, technical, and administrative areas and in client support. 

Each and every one of us brings something to the firm and, together, we create value and give our clients an excellent service, working in an environment that promotes and encourages gender equality and ethnic and religious diversity.

We attract qualified and motivated young people to an environment based on professionalism and equal opportunities, including in-house initiatives for continuing legal education. 

We promote commitments to society, conducting in-house surveys to choose charities and non-profit bodies for donations, several times a year, every year. 

We provide pro bono legal assistance to many non-profit associations in many different sectors.

We have an in-house social network, ModianoCafè, which was created to encourage interaction between all members of the firm by sharing experiences and matters of mutual interest, fostering a sense of cohesion and belonging with every passing day.

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