Modiano & Partners was founded in 1950. Right from the start the firm stood out with its international orientation on intellectual property law. 

After gaining extensive experience abroad, our founder Dr. Guido Modiano achieved knowledge of intellectual property law in the most advanced industrial countries, and immediately saw the value of taking an international approach to this field. His vision, together with his courage in investing first and foremost in people, led him to create an excellent professional team. 

With his wife Sara Modiano, with whom he shared a passion for work and for mentoring the firm’s members, he created one of the leading international intellectual property firms, with headquarters in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. 

Guido Modiano had a rare gift for recognizing talent, and he surrounded himself with people who went on to become not just part of the firm, but part of a family. Of these, special mention must go to Albert Josif, Maurizio Pisanty and Gabriela Staub, all mainstays of the firm right from its foundation. Professional propriety, correctness and foresight were hallmarks of their personal and professional lives, and their contribution made the firm what it is today: an international landmark in the field of intellectual property.

In 2005 Gabriella and Micaela Modiano took over the running of the firm. From their parents, they inherited the same passion for work and the same drive to constantly innovate, continuing to ensure the success and growth of the firm and making Modiano & Partners one of the leading European firms led by women only.


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